Kollington puts N60m house up for sale


Fuji maestro, Alhaji Kollington Ayinla, has once again put up his Alagbado house in Lagos for sale, according to a reliable .                                                                          The veteran Fuji musician has placed a price tag of N60m on the uncompleted building, far below the N80m he initially placed on it.
In 2013, the Kwara-born musician had put up the same house for sale at about N80m but no one reportedly showed interest, prompting him to reducevthe price.
At the moment, land agents around the Alagbado metropolis are busy marketing the building to prospective buyers.                                                                                          Confirming the sale of the house was Kollington’s official agent, Engr. Adelakun Orole, of Abbey Gold and Company. In a chat with The Point, Adelakun said they (he and his house owner) were open to negotiations if any buyer showed
“Though the asking price is N60m, we are still open to negotiations if any serious buyer appears,” he enthused. On why he has put the house up for sale, sources
said that the ‘Kebe n Kwara’ crooner had been battling with financial challenges in recent times.
When quizzed by a Lagos magazine sometime ago to confirm if truly he had put the mansion on sale, Kollington was quoted as saying, “It’s true. When you don’t have money, you use whatever you have to get what you want. I don’t have money, and I need money. I can’t just be looking at the building, I can’t eat it. I need to convert it
to money. But it’s not the whole property that I want to sell. It’s just this uncompleted structure directly opposite us. I need to make that clarification so that people out there won’t be misinformed. I am only selling part and not all the property here.
This is where I live.” Sources said Kollington had been working on the building for over 16 years before concluding to sell it.