Lagos trains teachers on local production of instructional materials


To improve teaching and learning through the use of instructional materials, the Lagos State government will commence the training of teachers in the rural and riverine areas of the state in a mobile workshop.
The initiative was designed to build their capacities to identify and source local components to produce the aids students can easily identify with.
The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Mr. Adesina Odeyemi, said, “The mobile workshop is a capacity building for teachers on the design, production and utilisation of instructional materials using locally sourced materials” for the purpose of improving the academic performance of the students”.
Odeyemi disclosed that the training, which is aimed at developing teachers abilities to design, produce and use instructional materials from available local materials in order to achieve academic excellence among students in all public schools across the state will be held in the six education districts.
According to him, the present administration has since its inception embarked on training and retraining of teachers to boost the standard of education at all levels.
This initiative therefore is in line with government’s objectives because research has proven that students learn easier, faster and better with instructional materials than just being told things in abstract. This is what is termed learning from “known to unknown”.