Lessons to learn from Osun senatorial poll


The senatorial election in Osun is more of reality of dynamism in politics. The least of the major deciding factors is the political parties of the candidates. The sentiment of the time, to my mind is of paramount importance. This is what politicians must note. No politician is powerful. Understanding of contemporary issues that dominates the political space at a particular time is a major strength of a winning group. It is not about a leader deciding what happens or followers conceding all decisions to an individual all the time. A political group should have a select people doing its thinking. Decisions should be more of reality than assumptions. Let us all learn and acknowledge that democracy is about the people and we must constantly gauge their mood and feelings. To assume all the time is to court failure. It is no victory to PDP, nor failure on the part of APC. I see it more of learning the rudiment of politics. As for me, I attach more importance to the lessons learnt than the victory/defeat approach.

Uba Group

Akinbowale Omole,
Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State