…For me, nobody can replace Dimgba. He was everything to me – Mike Awoyinfa

Uba Group

They were unusual ‘Siamese twins.’ They were very identical in mind, thoughts and inclinations. They shared a similar professional career, worked in the same places, moved upward together, wrote and launched books together and hit fame and fortune together. Together, they quit their plum jobs as Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria’s finest tabloid newspaper, The Sun.They lived in twin duplexes with precisely the same finishing and furniture. Like the snail and its shell, If you found one in a place, the other was dragged along.

On the other hand, they hailed from different families, different tribes, spoke in different mother tongues and arose from different cultural backgrounds. However, the diversity in their background didn’t affect the chemistry which blended them together, right from their days in Concord newspapers until the unfortunate but dastardly killing of Dimgba Igwe in what was ostensibly a hit-and-run auto accident. That was the tragic end to a fairy-tale-like professional romance for a duo, and a shattering reality for Mike Awoyinfa- a reality that the journey of his life was to continue without a business partner and a professional
colleague who had proven to be his better half!

How is Mike Awoyinfa facing life, today, without Dimgba Igwe? Today, “life is no longer at ease,” for Michael Awoyinfa, and indeed the Awoyinfas.

The seasoned journalist is barely managing to trudge along the remaining journey of life without his ‘professional twin brother.”

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