Liz Truss emerges new UK Prime Minister

A member of the Conservative Party, Liz Truss, has been announced as the new UK Prime Minister.

Truss a Foreign Secretary emerged after defeating Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership contest.

According to the BBC it was a closer result than many pundits expected, with Truss taking 57% of valid votes cast

“About 57% of valid votes cast were for Liz Truss. Turnout was pretty high too, with 82.6% of members casting a vote, with 654 rejected, possibly spoiled or filled out incorrectly.”

For comparison, Boris Johnson won 66.4% of the vote in 2019, David Cameron 67.6% in 2005 and Iain Duncan Smith 60.7% in 2001

Speaking at a conference centre in Westminster, she thanked Sunak for a “hard-fought campaign” and pledged to deliver a bold plan.

Truss will become Prime Minister on Tuesday after travelling to meet the Queen at Balmoral in Scotland

The leadership election was triggered when former Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on July 7 following severe public scrutiny over a party scandal among other issues.

Johnson has stayed on as caretaker PM while the party decided between the candidates.