Most wanted Nigerian mafia woman leader extradited to Italy



Uba Group

Jeff Joy, a Nigerian mafia leader who was one of the few women on Italy’s 100 most wanted criminal list, has been extradited to Italy from Nigeria.

Joy, 48, was in 2010, sentenced to 13 years in jail in Italy for criminal conspiracy, slavery, people trafficking and living off the proceeds of prostitution.

She was one of the leaders of the Nigerian or Black Mafia in Italy, police said.

Police said Joy had a leading role in bringing young Nigerian women to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands to work as prostitutes, using violence and threats of all kinds including voodoo rites against them and their family members back home.

She was arrested last June 4 in Nigeria by the local intelligence services and was flown back to Italy Wednesday, arriving at Rome’s Ciampino Airport.

It is the first extradition between the two countries on the basis of a new treaty that came into force in 2020.