MRA to register working artisans, check intruders


The Magodo Residential Association has concluded plans to ensure that all the artisans who are working inside Magodo Phase 2 are registered with the association.
The Chairman of MRA, Mr. Kunle Eludire, told The Point that the scheme would stop the inflow of intruders and people with hidden motives from invading the estate.
He said, “There have been incidents that make it necessary to introduce this initiative. A man was recently caught stealing from a supermarket and he pretended to be insane. He was later freed because the people who arrested him were deceived by his tricks.
“Also, a visitor parked his car to buy something and he didn’t know someone was watching. As he stepped out of the car, a man ran into it and drove off. He wanted to steal the car, but he was caught at the gate.”
He also said he was not pleased with the activities of the ‘suya’ seller on Emmanuel Keshi Street, especially the smoke his activities generate.
According to him, the smoke is a nuisance to the ecosystem and unhygienic for the body.
“We may have to ask the ‘suya’ man to leave the place because health is wealth,” he added.