My boss is my son’s biological father (3)


I did not understand why my husband would choose to sleep with me the very day I thought my world had come crashing because of the pregnancy news. Though it made me believe that I was a woman after waiting for so long, I thought that it would be so glaring that I had been cheating on my husband, especially because he had not touched me in three months. So, I was glad that, at least, I would be able to break the news later, without too much fear. He became friendlier in the following days, and this was like a miracle to me.
I waited for three weeks to break the news to him and tried so hard within those three weeks not to show any sign of weakness or pregnancy. On the day I planned to tell him, I had told him early in the morning that I was feeling feverish and would like to visit the hospital for routine tests. I broke the news to him when we returned in the evening and he was very happy. He picked his phone and wanted to start calling his relatives, but I cautioned him to let us allow the fruit to grow first before we start to make it public, and he agreed with me.
He treated me like an egg all through my pregnancy, and at work, once in a while; my boss would ask me how things were going at home. When he heard that my husband had changed, he was happy, but I knew that deep within him, he would have wanted our relationship to continue. I broke the news of my pregnancy to him about the same time I broke the news to my husband, so he was also certain that my husband was the father of my unborn child. Sometimes, however, when we chatted, he would jokingly ask if he was not the biological father.
Things went well and I had a bouncing baby boy. The boy, at birth, looked so much like me, but had my husband’s light complexion. That was the confirmation anyone needed to believe that he is truly my husband’s son. The house was no longer very hot for me, and my husband settled down to allow me do things in the house without being jealous of my increasing income. We continued this way for about two years. On my son’s third birthday, he asked if I was taking family planning pills, that we should have had another child after the first one. His people were also asking us to hurry up and put an end to childbearing, but I could not conceive and I never used pills. As if I was the one who was deliberately avoiding more children, the monster came back into my husband’s life. He started misbehaving again and dating girls to my face. At first, I thought it was because I had relaxed in terms of prayers; so I intensified my prayers and also reached out to my sister-in-law to join me in asking God to deliver her brother this second time.Untitled Honestly, as I write, I cannot say this was what went over my husband, but he became worse than when I had not been blessed with my son. Hatred was always written all over his face whenever I came home, but he would not hide his love for ‘his’ son. I had an elderly nanny, who I brought in to help cater for my son, since my job usually took me out of the house for long hours. I wanted someone that would be able to care for him like I would. The woman was very nice to me; she treated me like her own daughter and would always advise me on what to do whenever I thought that I would go crazy because of my husband’s deteriorating behaviour. One Friday, I came back home to find that my son was not in the house. I asked ‘mama’ where he was and she said my husband had come to pick him. She said he told her that he was going on a business trip with him and would not be back until Sunday.
Immediately, I called my husband’s line, but a woman picked the call. I asked to speak with my husband, but she said, confidently, that he was in the bathroom. I asked if the voice I was hearing was my son’s and she said yes. (She called his name). I was furious. This was the height of maltreatment. By Monday, they were not back and it affected me so badly that my boss noticed and we got talking again.
My husband came back with my son on Tuesday. I was glad that I had my son back, but I did not understand what game he was playing.
The next day, he told me that he wanted to put “junior” in a boarding school because work would be taking him out of the house for two weeks every month. At that point, I no longer cared what he did with his life because the suffering had become too much. But I was concerned about my son, and told him right there that I would have him stay with me and not in a boarding school? Why was I paying the nanny? He gave me a dirty slap when I said this, saying that he would not have his son raised by a nanny.
The new problem made me fall into the arms of my boss again. To cut the long story short, I am six weeks pregnant as I write. My husband has been away from home for two months, though he left my son at home. With this pregnancy, I want to believe that my husband is the one with fertility problem because each time I meet with my boss, it results in pregnancy. But I am fed up with my marriage. I have packed out of the house with my son because I cannot continue to live with such a cruel man. I have also decided to open up to my boss that he is the father of my son as well as my unborn child. I’m not asking for marriage, but I need to set my self free and prove my words through a DNA test. I don’t care what my husband feels because he pushed me into it. However, I need your advice badly.