My brother, Shina Peller, doesn’t treat me specially, Que insists


A quila Records music act, Que Peller, has rubbished claims that his brother, Shina Peller, gives him special treatments.
Peller, who owns Quilox nightclub in Lagos, signed Base One, his brother, Que and Tilaman (Alafin of Oyo’s son), sometime last year to kick-start Aquila Records. And when Tillaman contract ended few months ago, he signed Airboy, a youngster.
In an encounter with The Point, Que insisted that his brother was not the type who would apply sentiments in whatever he does.
He stated, “So far, Base One has released more songs than I and it does not mean I do not have songs to put out. Even Tillaman, before his contract ended, dropped more songs than I. Since last year, I have just released only two songs and two videos.
“If it were to be true that my brother had been put ting more money on me than other artistes on the label, I should have more songs by now. It is obviously not true that my brother pays more attention to me. He does not do things based on sentiments. If it is about songs; we have loads of them, trust me. We work day and night; we are always in the studio.”
Similarly, the son of the late famous magician, Prof Abiola Peller, said he was unmoved by the new signee, adding that it was normal for people to think he would feel threatened by Airboy.
“When there is a new act on your label, it is normal for people to think one would become paranoid or afraid.
But I like to see things from the positive side, for my own good. I do not see this as a competition; I would rather take it as growth for the label. We are now stronger, because Airboy is really good and talented. We now have three talented young musicians; I am happy about that.”
Also, Que revealed that there were no issues between the management and Tillaman. According to him, his contract ended and both parties decided not to renew it.
“I am happy with my growth, because things were not like this last year. Now, I know a lot more and I have done more music. But I do not want to stop growing. I still have lovely songs I am yet to release; I am pretty sure they would make huge impacts once I release them,” he concluded.