My first love-Fagade Olufemi Ademola aka Omobaba


Everyone experienced their first love when they were in secondary school. And it was a normal thing to have a crush on a particular girl that didn’t even have your time or didn’t know you existed. I am still cool with the first girl I ever loved; we talk well. We couldn’t sustain the relationship because of the circumstances we found ourselves and we were still very young. Did we even understand the meaning of love then?
When we started struggling to get into the higher institution, we started writing the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examination several times to sail through a cutoff mark. Reality then hit us. Naturally, we chose different universities. We still keep in touch like I said, though she is happily married now.
Love is a normal feeling that we see on television every day. There is always joy and the urge to go out to meet her. But once you become a man and you know that you have to take care of the person, it is a different ball game.