MY first love : Jim Donnett, musician


I still remember the first girl I fell in love with. It was a girl I met when I was in SS 1 at Apata Memorial High School, Isolo, Lagos. She was a classmate of my younger sister.
My sister later helped with the introduction. The whole teenage love experience was really sweet. She always sent me love notes and bought me chocolates during the break periods. Even if I was not in class, she knew and had access to my desk. Whenever I returned, I would see the note or gift she had left.
We dated roughly for two years. We were kids then, we really didn’t know what we wanted. At times, she would want to see me and I would tell her I was busy. She didn’t like such responses and it went on like that.At times, she would even threaten to break up the relationship, if I didn’t come out. The memory was sweet and today, we are still good friends. The last time she called me was on my birthday, June 10. We’ve grown now and we have a better idea of what a relationship should be.
However, for me, I think getting into a relationship now would just be a heavy distraction. I am single and ready to meet people, but I’m not ready for a relationship.