My first Love – Sam Ajibola


It was amazing; it was in secondary school. I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in my school. Right now, she stays and works in America. You know when you guys decide to go to different universities; it becomes difficult to keep the relationship.
We lasted for two or three years. We didn’t leave one another, school divided us. I went to the University of Lagos while she left the country.
Love is a very beautiful thing; I respect people that appreciate love over money. And for me, no matter how much you love someone, you must be compatible.
Right now, I am not dating; I am focused on my work. I am a very ambitious person. I want to be a better person and dating now might distract me. And as an actor, you do not have time for yourself.
For me, I do not like women based on their colours or looks. I could like you because you are peaceful or hard working.