My first Love Seyi Law


The first person I had a serious feeling of love for was some girl in Benin. I stayed in Benin with my elder sister at a time and I was so much in love with her. Do you know how it feels when you talk to a girl and you do not get a response? I was always going back home to play the music of Westlife, Plantashun Boiz and the likes. I just finished secondary school at that time.
When I came back to Lagos eventually, all because I felt they were trying to cage me, I would wake up as early as 5am to go to Benin and return the same day. I would spend almost 10 hours on the road and see her for just two hours. That was how much I was in love, but eventually it was not meant to be. There was a time we tried to reconnect on Facebook, but I was already married at that point.
As a child, no matter what people told us, we did things that we felt were the best for us. After all those pains I put myself through while growing up, I met my wife years later. When you meet your wife to be, you will know she is the one.