My husband wants me blind, hits my eyes always, woman tells court

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… She’s having extra-marital affairs with men in her work place- Hubby



A house wife, Taiwo Onifade, has dragged her estranged husband, Saidi Onifade, before a Customary Court sitting in Agbeloba, Abeokuta, Ogun State, for allegedly inflicting injury on her eyes with the aim of making her blind.

Taiwo, who approached the court in a suit numbered: 1/k/121/2019, is seeking for the dissolution of their marriage of eight years, saying that whenever they had disagreements her husband was fond of beating her on her face with the objective of inflicting injuries on her two eyes.

The mother of two said that her hubby had on several occasions accused her of infidelity and, therefore, had threatened to cause her blindness by inflicting injuries on her two eyes so that other men would not admire her beauty.

Taiwo, who works with a bakery, said that her husband had accused her of having extra-marital affairs with one of her co-workers at the bakery, leading to a disagreement and severe beatings he inflicted on her face.

The woman is, therefore, seeking to divorce her husband on the grounds of lack of love, provocation, threat to life, frequent fighting, lack of care for her and their children, attempt to kill her and lack of rest of mind.

Taiwo, who also prayed the court to grant her the custody of her two children, urged the court to immediately dissolve her marriage with her husband to save her from blindness.

She also urged the court to stop her husband from coming to her house or place of work to foment trouble or harass her in the public

She said, “I want the court to dissolve our marriage, my husband is too jealous. He has threatened to inflict injuries on my eyes to make me blind so that other men would not admire me. He even accused me of sleeping with one man in the bakery, where I work. I don’t want this relationship again.

“The last fight we had almost lead to the loss of my right eyes, I even bring the photo to the court, and I want to divorce on the ground of lack of love, provocation, lack of care for me and my children, attempt to kill me, no rest of mind and threat to my life.”

In his defence, her husband, said that his wife was fond of having extra-marital affairs with other men and denied the allegation of inflicting injuries on her eyes to cause her blindness.

The husband said that though he and his wife always had minor disagreements, but not to the extent of wanting to cause her blindness, adding that his wife was secretly having love affairs with someone at her place of work.

“It is not true that I want to cause her blindness by inflicting injuries on her eyes. It’s just that I beat her whenever we quarrel because I suspect she is having extra-marital affairs with someone at her work place,” he told the court.

The President of the court, Chief J. A. O Shofolahan, however, adjourned the case for further hearing.