NERC unveils slight cut in electricity tariff

Uba Group


THE Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission has reviewed electricity tarrif in the country.

A review of the new Tarrif showed that electricity consumption for Band D, B and E (below 12 hours) had yet to be determined as the tariff remained frozen.

The selective reflective tarrif as approved by NERC indicated a slight decrease in the amount paid by consumers per KW of electricity in the different categories.

Recall that the commission had earlier suspended the service reflective tariff as negotiations between Organised Labour and the Federal Government lingered.

However, the Distribution Companies have commenced the implementation of the revised electricity tariff that was jointly agreed upon by Organised Labour and the Federal Government.

According to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, tarrif paid by Customers categorised under B and A, that use electricity for 20 hours and above, decreased to N48.04 from N49.75, while those in (band A-MD1&2) decreased from N67.70 to N64.20.

Similarly, the selective reflective tarrif for Customers that use electricity for 16 hours and above (B and B-Non MD), declined from N47.72 to N46.14, while customers in band B-MD1&2 are expected to pay N61.29 from N64.65.

It said that selective reflective tarrif for electricity consumption less than 16 hours to 12 hours, (B and C-Non MD) decreased from N45.69 to N41.65, while MD1&2 decreased from N63.63 to N54.03.