Nigerian Turkish Int’l College unveils young science inventors

Nigerian Turkish International College Students presenting Robotics (Znap)

To enhance science and technology in the Nigerian education sector, a Nigerian based international school, Nigerian Turkish International College, on Wednesday, unveiled young science inventors during the 2016 annual science fair, held in Lagos.

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During this year’s programme with theme, ‘Scientific discoveries that broaden our horizons’, various projects invented by the college’s students were exhibited to showcase their talents, skills and potentials. The young inventors created hydrogen bomb, horology, robotics, obesity identification, nail balancing, and lighting through internet wi-fi connections, among others.

One of the inventors, Rashida Olomowewe, who took part in inventing a hydrogen bomb at the exhibition, explained, “You add distilled water to HCL and add a zinc of aluminum into a plastic flask. Then you put a lighter to it, which pops up,” she said.

Another creative student, Sani Sufian, who made robotics, controlled by a remote control, said, “I made a znap and remote control. It took me about eight hours to make all these.”

A set of intellectual students who chose their own kind of innovation by helping people find out the day a particular event happened in history through the use of a code and operated it with Base 7, explained how it was done.

“It is called Horology, which is the study of time. It can also be used to know the exact day of something, teach history and reduce crime,” one of the young inventors, Fawaz Abdulsalam, said.

In his remarks, the school’s principal, Mr. Ercan Yilmaz, noted, “We believe so much in technology and practicals more than teaching theory. We are trying to show to people, parents and students that education is not only in the theory, rather, in the application of it. We want it combined both in theory and in its application. They are together not different.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Adenike Lawal, who represented the Zonal Education Officer, Ifo Local Government area, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ogun State, Mrs. B.B. Makinde, said, “This is an innovative programme that has shown that so much was committed into the students. I would like to encourage other science schools to follow suit because the world we are today is science-based. Without science, we cannot really achieve much. And this school is doing great in this area, kudos to them.”