Obaseki swears in SAs, SSAs in Owan West, East LGAs, urges paradigm shift in nation’s politics


The Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has inaugurated 44 Special Assistants (SAs) and 10 Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) in Owan West and Owan East Local Government Areas of the State.

The governor, while swearing in the new aides at the Edo State College of Education in Afuze, called for a paradigm shift in politics in the country to a new era centred on genuine service, development and bettering the lives of the people.

Obaseki said, “I am here to tell you that I care about you and it will not be business as usual. I will take care of you.

“Politics must change, politics is about the people and politicians must care for their people. Enough is enough. We cannot say we are in politics and are poorer for it. Politics must help us to get out of poverty.”

He continued, “If I can come here to inaugurate you that means I don’t want you to leave here. You cannot be in Benin or Auchi and be working here. If I get a report that you are not in your base, you will get a letter from me replacing you. You are not absentee SAs or SSAs. If you know that you will not be in the community, let me know now so that I can get those ready to work for us in the party.

“It’s not just another employment but we are here to deliberately make sure that in every ward we have one SA and in some cases, one SSA. They are to take care of and be my eyes and ears in every ward. No week must pass without me getting a report through the SSA of what has happened in your ward.”

The governor further noted, “I want to know if the teachers we are paying are working. I want to know the state of our primary health care centres in each ward, and also that of security in each ward before I hear from other sources. I want to know how people are living in your ward and community. Are they able to eat? Can they go to the farm? If not, why and what can we do about them?”

On his part, the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Edo State, Anthony Aziegbemi, commended the people of Owan West and East local government areas for their continuous support, which led to victory in the last local government elections in the state.

He said, “We are here in Afuze for the inauguration of Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) and Special Assistants (SAs) to the Governor in both Owan West and Owan East local government areas. We acknowledge what you have done for the party and the role you have played in the last election that resulted in the massive win at the polls.”