Thursday, February 22, 2024

Osun difficult to govern but you’ve changed the narrative, Olunloyo tells Adeleke


An elder statesman and former old Oyo State Governor, Victor Olunloyo has said Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke has performed beyond people’s expectations since he assumed office.

Olunloyo opined that Osun State is difficult to govern, notwithstanding, Adeleke has changed the narrative through his “wonderful performance since assumption of office” in November last year.

The renowned mathematician described Adeleke as a man of destiny who was underrated by political opponents in the build-up to the 2022 governorship poll in the state, adding that the governor threw many into shock with the manner he cleared all national and state assembly seats in the last elections.

The former governor made these remarks on Sunday while receiving Adeleke at his residence in Ibadan.

Addressing Adeleke, Olunloyo exclaimed, “How did you do it? How did you achieve that feat? You are a man the whole world underrated. They were in shock. Only a very few people believe you can pull it off. Tell me the secrets.

“You cleared all the legislative seats, all House of Representatives, all senate seats and the assembly honorables. You took the world by surprise. What a wonderful man you are,” the elder statesman added.

Olunloyo, surrounded by family members and friends including Dele Momodu, further told Adeleke, “Your performance as a Governor elates me. Osun is a difficult state to govern but you have changed the narrative. You are doing many wonderful things and I can see Osun people are happy with you. Keep it up.

“My prayer for you is that you will lead Osun to new greater heights. You will overcome all obstacles on your path of governance. You will continue to shine as a leader of your people. The good Lord will uphold and protect you.

“You are from a family of excellent people. Your father, Senator Adeleke, your brother, my own Serubawon, Senator and former Governor. Thank you for keeping the flag flying.”

Governor Adeleke who told the mathematician that he was in Oyo State for a formal function said he came to pay homage to the elder statesman.

He said, “I came to pay homage to you (Olunloyo), our political father and to seek your prayers. I appreciate your kind words over the little we have been able to achieve in Osun. We will not let you down, our father and other admirers far and near.”

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