Osun PDP seeks ‘heavenly intervention’ over Adeleke’s inauguration

  • Calls on IGP to ensure peaceful transition


Uba Group

Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has directed its members and supporters to embark on fasting and prayers to ensure successful transition of power from the outgoing administration of the All Progressives Congress to its party on November 27.

In a statement on Monday by the state Caretaker Chairman, Akindele Adekunle, the party instructed members to go to their mosques, churches and their places of worship to seek divine support as the state moves towards transition of power.

He called on party members to be peaceful and to be on the look out for provocations from APC members and leaders, urging his members to hold fast to God as they move to the last phase of their political struggle.

Akindele said, “Let us again continue to report to the Almighty God who enthrones and dethrones. Let us intensify our prayers for divine grace on Osun state to witness eventual enthronement of Imole, Senator Ademola Adeleke as the next executive governor of Osun state.

“This week is declared as days of heavenly intervention such that the armour of God which Adeleke’s two-finger- symbol represent will reign supreme in Osun state.”

Urging members of the party to be calm as the inuaguration approaches, PDP chairman said, “You will be tempted. You will be provoked. Be mindful not to fall for their trap, their hidden agenda to set the state ablaze. Be conscious of our responsibilities to Man and God to ensure peaceful transition on Sunday.”

He also called on the Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba, to deeply monitor development in the state and deploy surveillance team to ensure a seamless change of government on Sunday.

The party chairman called the attention of the IGP to the very delicate political scenario in the state and cautioned against alleged concerted planned constitutional crisis ahead of the event.

“We call on western diplomatic missions, international democracy organisations and relevant national security agencies to closely monitor Osun State in the next one week.

“Peaceful transition is a must in line with the 1999 constitution and any move to truncate that process is a threat not just to Osun State but the entire national democratic project” he noted.