Pa Chris Ajilo : My first love


My first love is music. My interaction with people back in the days was not based on a boy and girl relationship. I had friends, but I didn’t have time for serious love. I was just after having a successful career. While in the youth club in London, I was the only black person. They might have had lovers among themselves, but I did not. I had never seen love as something I must experience. I know that God loves me and it is enough for me.
I am sure you see me as a strange person; yes, I am strange. The true love I have is the one with my creator; every other love is just by the way. I don’t rely on loving a girl because we are all human beings. There is the possibility that a girl may not love me the way I love her. So why should I bend my head on such a thing?
Now look at this scenario: After having two kids for me, the mother of my children decided to pack out of my house without reasons. But I still didn’t have anything against her because it was what she wanted. Years later, she tried to make a comeback. But, I told her that once I had said goodnight, I don’t come back there to say good evening.