PDP BoT chair restates opposition to party’s configuration


… Says its too pro-North

Uba Group

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, Walid Jibrin, has again restated his opposition to the present configuration of the party, insisting it is too pro-North.

Jibrin on Tuesday, doubled down on his earlier assertion that the party reeks of Northernisation. He had claimed on a national television a few days ago that the present hierarchy of the party where the national chairman, the presidential candidate and the BoT chairman are all from the North was unhealthy for the party.

In a statement on Tuesday, Jibrin, again said he stood by his earlier position. He stated that “Based on my earlier statement that the PDP cannot produce a Northern president, national chairman, BoT chairman all from the North for the 2023 presidential elections, I still maintain my stand on that statement. The PDP is a party that caters for all Nigerians; it is not sectional but loved by all Nigerians.”

He said as the chairman of the Board of Trustees, it was expected of him to speak the truth notwithstanding any opposition to it.

“As a PDP BoT Chairman, I must say the truth and nothing but the truth no matter anyone’s criticism. I do not fear anyone but God and the true agenda of our party. I will add that I stand strongly on my toes; I have been a true member of PDP since its inception in 1998.

“Today, I am one of the trustees’ members of the party who remained in the party since 1998 that never changed to any party passing all positions in the PDP,” Jibril said.