Personality determines fashion style – Doris Simeon


For one of Nigeria’s leading Nollywood actresses, Doris Simeon, style in every fashion-oriented person should be determined by who they are and not copying what has been adopted by other people.

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She said, “In my own way, I believe your personality should determine your fashion ideology and style. We are in an age where people should think of being creative, instead of following what is done by others.”

The beautiful damsel, who is no doubt enjoying her career after putting her relationship scandal with her former husband behind her, said that fashion should be based on individual’s creativity, thereby bringing to the fore what is new and has never been seen with anyone else before.

Simeon also spoke against single motherhood among the womenfolk, despite being one. She told The Point, “I am not a supporter of single parenthood among the womenfolk. “I wasn’t taught or brought up that way, but mine is a situation I found myself and I wouldn’t blame anyone for it.

She added, “Every man or woman has the right to live his or her life the way he or she chooses, but I wouldn’t advise or support single parenthood, especially among women.”