Putin sacks 1,000 domestic staff over fears of poisoning


Uba Group

Uba Group


Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has sacked 1,000 domestic staff over fears of the possibility of him being poisoned.

Reports revealed that Putin was worried that his recent actions would bring unrest even amongst his own compatriots.

His recent invasion of Ukraine has attracted to himself allegations of war crimes that will inevitably turn him into a pariah.

Reports also say that close ties to the Kremlin who leak information to them confirmed a chilling action Vladimir Putin took about a month ago.

The report said the Russian president suddenly started firing his own personal staff following which about 1,000 people lost their jobs.

While these staff are Russian employees who actually serve him his food and tend to him on a regular basis, it was also reported that Putin keeps a specific staff member who always tastes his food before he starts eating, all of which are common from dictators or tyrants who are usually afraid for their lives.

This further makes it obvious that Putin already fears a possible coup and many assassination attempts from his own people and from experience, Putin tends to poison his own opponents.