Puzzle As Woman, 24, Dies During Church Programme


There was pandemonium at the camping ground of a renowned Pentecostal church, when a 24-year-old lady, Foyekemi Oyesetan, died mysteriously a day after the annual convention of the church.

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Investigations by The Point revealed that the deceased had stayed with a senior friend, Mrs. Bukola Alufa, during the programme, but no one has been able to unravel the true cause of her death due to conflicting pointers.

A source, who was there when the deceased breathed her last, said Foyekemi had complained that she could not go to church because she was not feeling well.

“It was a shock when the family that took her in returned from church and found her struggling for life. She was immediately rushed to the health centre where she later died,” the source, who preferred not to be named, said.

Recounting her encounter with the deceased, Alufa said, “I met Foyekemi and other friends like Funmi Adeyemo at Bethel Store where she had her Industrial Training programme. I was a store keeper. She was a nice girl that everyone would love to have as a friend.”

She, however, gave a different perspective of the cause of Foyekemi’s sudden death when she disclosed that the deceased was bleeding heavily during her short stay.

“During the convention programmes, I noticed blood clots in my bathroom, and when I asked her (Foyekemi), she told me not to be an- noyed and then cleaned the place,” Alufa noted.

When asked if she suspected that the deceased might have aborted a pregnancy shortly before her death, Alufa said she did not notice any signs that the young lady aborted a preg- nancy, maintaining that she could not confirm this since “she didn’t tell me she did.”

She said, “I was at work when she (Foyekemi) came to inform me that she was going to meet her brother-in-law. She came back from her brother-in-law’s place that night with some food items, which she took before. All I noticed was that Foyekemi had a new hairstyle when she came back from the visit to her brother-in-law, but I did not comment.

“On the items she brought home, we all ate out of them and nothing happened to us. I was surprised also when her brother-in-law, whom we met at the hospital, said he did not see Foyekemi on Saturday. He said he was in Ijebu Ilese to attend the town’s festival.”

Further investigations, however, revealed that among the last dialled numbers on the deceased’s mobile phone was that of one Peter Edward, who is suspected to be her boyfriend.

Foyekemi’s Facebook page indicated that there was an amorous relationship between the decased and Peter as the love messages between the two implied.

One of Peter’s messages read, “My joy, my heart, my sweet, my darling, my Owami. Those were the names you used to call me; my unbeatable fiancé, friend, sister and lover. We had plans for a great future and ministry together but the cold arms of death has done its worst. Well, let God receive all the praise and glory for your faithful departure. Out of sight is not out of mind, you always occupy your space in my life. I so love you. My darling Owami, sleep well.”

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Ogunjobi, confirmed the incident when contacted on phone.