Monday, April 15, 2024

SDP ready to win 2023 polls, says official

The Social Democratic Party says it is optimistic of winning the 2023 general election at all levels in the country.

Stephen Adewale, the Ondo State SDP Chairman, said this when he spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria in Akure.

Adewale said that the party has not faced rancour, either at the state or national level, saying that the SDP was the only party that could rescue the nation from its economic quagmire.

According to him, the SDP is more united and has many young people and leaders of ideas at all levels that are ready to do things in different ways.

He said that although the party had gone through lots of crises, its leaders had been able to resolve the problems, creating a stronger party in the process.

“Right now, there is no faction whatsoever in the party, both at the state and national levels. What we have in the state is a set of aggrieved members. And this has nothing to do with our chances of winning election.

“Now we have a lot of progressive minded people across the country vying for positions in the national assembly, states assembly and other positions across the country.

“We know that we stand a very good chance because of majority of Nigerian in the state and the county at large, are tired of the two leading political parties.

“The PDP has ruled for a good number of years, the APC is there but has not done better than the PDP,” he said.

Adewale added: “Going by this, we remain the only political party in the country that has candidates who can beat their chests that they have not squandered resources or spend money to win primary election.

“So, SDP is the only alternative to the two political parties that have been ravaging the country since 1999.

“It is high time we sat down for the first time since 1999 to give young people opportunity, to give new parties and people with new ideas opportunity to lead us.”

Adewale called on the electorate not to sell their votes during the 2023 general election and appealed to media practitioners to give publicity to candidates of other political parties instead of focusing on those of so called leading parties alone.

“The SDP is parading both at the national and state levels people who have never been part of the country’s problem but people who are aiming to bring solutions to the country’s problems.

“It’s high time our people decided to send the right people to the National Assembly without sentiment for their names or positions they held in the past, because what we have witnessed is a cycle of failure.

“So, we are ready and optimistic that people are also ready to be part of the solution and look beyond the two leading political parties,” he said. (NAN)

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