You can’t see Allah. You believe in His existence through the many signs of His creation which stare you in the face. You look right, left, up and down, all you see are the signs of Allah – the symptoms of what He created. Your own very existence and that of billions of human beings in various skin pigmentations, speaking different tongues, dotting the face
of the earth are signs that Allah exists.Other indications of Allah’s existence are the alternation of night and day; the rotation of sun and the moon around their orbits; rainy and dry seasons; the tempestuous oceans and the wide, gentle seas moving in low tides; forest and desert; mammoth  and low valleys; creation of seven layers of heaven, suspended high above this world without pillars; and the earth, tightly pegged down by physical stakes – the mountains.
Consider for a moment, the movement of ships across the oceans, conveying goods for the use of man, aircrafts driven by wind-waves, satellites transmitting signals across the continents to deliver your telephone calls and beam cable television right into your sitting room. These and many other features are the creatures of Allah. They are signs which point to the existence of Allah. Of course, without an omnipotent, supernatural Being in absolute control, these multifarious creatures could not have come into existence. These are eloquent proofs that Allah exists.

Uba Group

Muslims are well advised to avoid being like the children of Israel who demanded from Musa (Moses) to produce Allah, physically, so that they could behold him with their naked eyes before they would believe in his (Musa’s) prophet-hood: ‘‘And, when you said: ‘Oh Moses! We shall never believe in you until we can see Allah

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