Some have heads but no caps (2)


Last week, we began the story of a lady, who stayed for long in what appeared to be a good relationship with her first love, but decided to call it quits when friends and family members were waiting for the wedding bells because she was sure that, for her, the relationship had been all about pity. When I met this new man, it was as if I had been living in bondage all the while, because, for the first time, I knew what it felt like to be pampered by a man.

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All along, I had virtually been the one taking care of my former boyfriend’s needs, including those of his immediate family members. Don’t get me wrong. This new man was not in anyway rich even though he was working in one of the big banks in the country at the time. He had taken huge loans from the bank and only had very little salary to take home every month. Still, I saw the little he could do for me as a big deal because I never experienced such. He paid for my master’s accomodation in the university and showed me in every way possible that he meant to settle down with me. He also proudly flaunted my intelligence before his friends and in no time, we were talking about marriage.

This time, I did not have to worry about religion because he was also a Christian like me. He also flooded my parents’ house with Christian books to make me stronger in the faith. I was happy that, at last, I had found a man that I really wanted to build a home with.


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