Some have heads but no caps (4)


Last week, we continued the story of a lady, who stayed for long in what appeared to be a good relationship with her first love, but decided to call it quits when friends and family members were waiting for the wedding bells because she was sure that, for her, the relationship had been all about pity. This week, the story of her sojourn in the home she built with the man she eventually married continues.

Uba Group

I did not know what to make of my mother-in-law’s outburst. In the first place, how did she know that we were visiting a man of God for a particular purpose? Did her son mention to her that we had been having very bad dreams and had taken steps to intensify prayers by inviting other people to join us? Even if he had told her, should she not just have joined naturally to ensure that we averted a looming disaster? These were some of the questions that I couldn’t find answers to. I just stood there dumfounded and simply nodded that I had heard. I confided in my elder sister’s friend again and she said there must be something behind what my mother-in-law told me; but that she wasn’t going to assume, we should just go…

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