Stop blaming social media for your lapses in information management, group tells information minister

Alh. Lai Muhammed

A social media group, Penpushing, has urged the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Muhammed, to stop blaming that sector‎ for his alleged shortcoming in the area of information management.

Uba Group

The social media group said that the minister’s seeming reticent on various pressing national issues had given room to guesses and speculations by the public.
Mohammed was reported to have blamed the social media for the spread of false information, aruing that this had negatively impacted on the Federal Government’s efforts to keep Nigerians informed of its activities.
The minister had alleged that the social media platform had been in the habit of deliberately distorting messages and information sent out by the Federal Government.
But in a swift response, participants on the Penpushing platform pointed out that the minister was not getting many things right in his duty of informing Nigerians about government activities.
They noted that when a government failed to adequately inform citizens about its activities, all avenues would be explored by them to access information.
According to one of the participants, Rauf, “Lai Muhammed is not getting so many things right. For instance, when a government refuses to talk where citizens need information, all manners of avenue would be explored to get informed.
“Trust that people, including the opposition would investigate, search, generate, invent and clone information. The minister should stop blaming the social media for his ineptitude‎.”
Another participant, Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji, stated that the Information minister was merely trying to feign ignorance of what should be his roles as a government spokesman.
“From my own point of view, I think Lai Muhammed is trying to feign ignorance of what should be his active role as government spokesman. A Yoruba adage says,’oun fi ete sile pa lapalapa’, that is, he’s just beating about the bush. I think there is the need for him to be proactive, rather than shifting blame. That is not necessary’,Kayode-Adedeji said.
Similarly in his contribution, Olayinka Folarin, said the information minister was “sounding so funny and it sounds as if all the pre and post-election lies have been exhausted. Please, let somebody wake this man up to the realities and concept of good governance.”