Style can be classy, sexy without undue exposure – Meg Otanwa


As a little child, pretty Nollywood actress, Meg Otanwa, grew up learning to look classy and unique any time she dresses up. This was in addition to learning to maintain the highest level of personal hygiene.
It is perhaps for this reason that she has grown as an adult with a “classy and sexy sense of style, who cannot do without perfumes and hand sanitisers any where she goes.”
She said, “My style can be described as classy and sexy. I like perfumes, though I do not have a favourite one. I also cannot do without a hand sanitiser, because I always want to maintain clean hygiene.”
Otanwa would not be caught at any time without her mobile phone. This, she said, is due to the fact that she feels cut off from the world and unable to operate effectively without it.
Before taking up a career in acting, Otanwa was engaged with a lucrative banking job in Morocco. Today, she does not regret taking the risk. According to the English Language graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, everyone is uniquely made in different ways. Her belief is that there are no two humans on earth, stating, “My life journeys and experiences are unique to me and me alone.”
So far, MNET’s telenovela ‘Hush’ remains her biggest production and she is excited to be part of it.