Monday, April 15, 2024

Supreme Court yet to sit on LP case In Imo


The Labour Party has cautioned its supporters and those of the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Imo State to be wary of fake Supreme Court decisions being propagated by groups fronted by Lamidi Apapa, a factional deputy National Chairman of the Labour Party.

Some online media platforms on Tuesday made a claim of a purported ruling of the Supreme Court, whereas the apex court which has been on vacation never sat nor heard from parties in dispute in the state.

A statement by Obiora Ifoh, the National Publicity Secretary of LP warned that no such ruling was delivered in the matter between Ukaegbu and LP on the issue of the party’s governorship candidate in the state.

Ifoh stated, “The Supreme Court has not heard not to talk of giving judgment on the Imo State governorship matter between Maduka v Ukegbu and LP. Only yesterday, the Apapa group made an attempt to file their appeal at the Supreme Court and they requested that a lawyer not known to Labour Party be served as representing the party and that it should be served in an address that is different from the party’s national headquarters.

“Their evil plot was exposed. They had gone ahead to spread fake news that the Supreme Court gave judgement and they even assured that the CTC would be made available within 48 hours. At least, this failed plot will expose them more.

“Their desperation is unbelievable. Kindly distance yourself from Apapa and his gang as they are out to manipulate the media space and destroy some people’s career.”

A chieftain of the party who preferred anonymity also confirmed the development, adding that the renewed effort at distracting attention from the campaign of the LP in Imo is expected to heighten in the days ahead. The party warned members and supporters of the party to remain focused on the task of taking back Imo from the All Progressives Congress.

“Now, it’s clear that the deception strategy of those who planted their stooge in the Labour Party is back on the social media to attempt to deceive Labour Party’s teeming supporters.

“There is a fake judgement which they are flying around again; claiming that Supreme Court gave a judgement against Senator Athan Achonu. It is not true. It’s pure fabrication. There is no atom of truth in it.

“Please Ndi Imo and all the supporters of LP and Senator Achonu should disregard that wicked fabrication and false speculation. There was no judgement given by Supreme Court on Labour party.

“The Supreme Court is still on vacation. The wicked aim of that concerted news is still tied to the strategy of suppressing the ever growing popularity of Labour Party and its governorship candidate, Senator Athan Achonu. It will never work. The question is, ‘Who was the presiding Supreme Court Justice that delivered the so called judgement?’

“Where was the judgement delivered? What time and who were the parties? It’s very clear that the fear of Senator Achonu is catching up on those competing against him.

“They want to paint a picture that will create doubt in the mind of Imo voters. The take back Imo project is on course. No evil publicity will stop it,” he said.

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