Terrible Accident In Delta,People Burnt 2 Death Beyond Recognition(Graphic Pics)


Trezzyhelm just reported that a terrible accident happened along Benin/Asaba expressway on Dec 13.Many people were burnt to death.One of the social media users who narrated the story wrote…

Uba Group

”An accident dat occurred at Abudu bridge dis evening, more than 36 person’s got burnt by fire and just 2 survived. Pls pals be careful on high ways and drive safely, life is precious”.

Another user said …..

”Insensitivity, Negligence and Wickedness of the bullion van and its security details caused the accident. Trans loading money by the bridge without a barricade at Ogan undermining the slopping cum descending nature of the road”.

accident-copy accident2-copy accident3