Tima’s ‘Angels’ set to defy gravity


Singer and songwriter, Fatima Nda-Isaiah, aka Tima, has made her debut in the industry with her first single, ‘Angels’, featuring Prince Miah. In a statement made available on Sunday, the singer said the single would signal the beginning of her music career, adding that she was set to “defy the law of gravity.”

Uba Group

She described her genre of music as a mix of afro rhythm and blues with a touch of soul, which eulogised the power and beauty of her inner conviction and attentiveness to the small gentle voice.

Tima said, “In a world where many young people are under a lot of pressure to conform or gravitate towards the crowd, I believe that reflection is a valuable asset. It’s in light of this that I repeatedly described myself as a ‘rebel’ in the piece.”

The Abuja-based singer started her career as a performer in her school band but does covers for other artistes. Thereafter, she discovered her passion for writing music and singing.

Tima said her desire was to make a mark on the Afro-music genre, adding, “I’m aware that beat is very important to young people, but I also spend a lot of time thinking about lyrics. I believe that music, apart from being relatable, should also convey a positive message.”