Turkey loses over $10bn to Syrian unrest

… to collaborate with Nigeria against B’Haram
The Republic of Turkey has spent over $10 billion on about three million Syrian refugees that fled the country since the civil war started in 2011.
As at December 2015, the Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Numan Kurtulmus, revealed that the government understood that high unemployment rate was a risk to any economy and decided to assist and empower several Syrians who sought refuge in Turkey.
According to him, the country established accredited testing institutions where the refugees are encouraged to acquire skills of their choice. After the skill acquisition, the prime minister stated that the people were reimbursed with grants to practice their skills.
“We also encourage employers to employ them and also offer incentives for that purpose,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has assured Nigerians and its investing publics that Turkey will soon launch an attack against Boko Haram fighters in the country.
“Every reprehensible terrorist attack that takes place here in Nigeria deeply hurts our heart. We are always ready to cooperate with Nigeria when it comes to combating terrorism,” he added.