Nobody influenced me to put in for The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant last year. I had always wanted to do it at some point; I have been involved in beauty pageants, right from my secondary school days. I took part in a pageant while I was in Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos, and I emerged the second runner-up. At the University of Ibadan too, where I studied psychology, I took part in ‘’Miss UI” in my 100 level, and I was the first runner-up. I even put in for the MBGN pageant in 2014 and I was selected as one of the 36 ladies to contest for the crown, but my examinations clashed with the pageant. I was supposed to represent Lagos State in 2014, but I opted out and I decided to try again last year. If I had gone in 2014, I might not have won. God’s time is the best; this is my belief. PSPSI am more self-conscious now because everyone is looking at me and I have a lot of people who see me as their role model. I am trying to be a better person. I meet different people everyday and I have interaction with different people, too. It is a whole new life for me, it has put me above my normal self and I need to keep up with that. It is not just about wearing the crown, you need to give back to the society. Though, it is a new life for me, I’m beginning to love every bit of the challenges that come with it.
Style, to me, is comfort. I wouldn’t wear what is in trend if I am not comfortable in it. I wear what complements my body. I like to look elegant and classy, without revealing the parts that are meant to be covered. For my wardrobe, I cannot do without my perfumes. I would prefer someone tells me it’s nice than my shoes. The first is a better compliment for me.