Waiting for Esther on Easter


You look chirpy today; is it in the spirit of Easter? And assuredly, yours is a double take. You got to meet a new catch, Esther, under the palm-tree joint, among palm wine drinkers, and she fixed an appointment to meet you here for Easter.”
“Hmmm, how best can one be lucky? Esther coming for Easter, to meet Charles. That, I am sure, will be capital intensive and I can only wish you happy self-dispossession.” “Kay, are you also aware that Bola is coming to meet Bala? So it is: Esther coming for Easter and Bola coming for Bala. Can’t you see the alliteration and romantic tintinnabulation?”
“Charles, you and your grammar, all deliberately coined to make the babes fall for you. Really, Bola had proposed to meet me here; that she will come is another thing entirely, as she has a profile of failed promises and
dashed hopes.”….

Uba Group


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