Saturday, February 24, 2024

We warned Okorocha against impunity-Former aides

Former aides of the outgoing Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, have disclosed that the governor was advised against most of his anti people policies and openly counseled him against the syndrome of his self-exaggerated popularity.

Disclosing this in Owerri on Wednesday while speaking to some newsmen, the former Commissioner for Information and Culture, Dr. T.O.E Ekechi, regretted that “like a the stubborn tsetse fly, he could only hear the voice of his even greedier,, unforgiving and more ambitious spouse and therefore eventually ended in the grave along with the coffin.”

According to Ekechi, “Okorocha’s greatest undoing was his laughable and nauseating attempt of brazenly foisting errand boy son-in-law who then doubled as his chief of staff as his successor, thereby reducing succession to a lowly, sexually transmitted process.”  

Ekechi, who was one of the APC coalition leaders, in a joint statement, said every attempt made to get Okorocha rescind his Uche Nwosu hallucination was greeted with unmitigated disdain and rebuff.

While reiterating then their unalloyed loyalty to the governor as the leader of APC, he said Okorocha was also warned that APC was “headed for a shameful, abysmal and colossal failure in the state in the 2019 elections,” adding that the results of presidential, governorship, national assembly and state assembly elections vindicated them.

While congratulating the people on their resolve to take their destiny in their hands, the former commissioner expressed happiness that Imo people shunned the lure of stolen billions from the treasury to stand down “a vicious emperor who was instituting an underserved dynasty” unknown to Igbo culture.

He advised the governor to forget challenging the matter in court as that would “exacerbate the fury of badly injured people.”

“Okorocha must be told that he lacks the moral standing to contest a people’s resolve to save a battered Imo State from the stranglehold of his family,” he advised.

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