WEARING expensive clothes does not make you fashionable,says rapper, Mocheddah


Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, fondly called Mocheddah by her friends and fans, is a rapper who stormed the Nigerian music scene in 2009.
She was signed on by Knighthouse Entertainment music label at the age of 13. The label released her first single at 15 and at 17 she had gained popularity, just before her days at the University of Lagos.
But after about four years in the music industry, Mocheddah decided to take a break.
“I saw other people living life and it became clear. I was 21, and I thought this was not a way to live,” she says.
Talking about her departure from the music industry and her future plans for her brand, she explains, “I just felt that there are lots of other things I could do better. For instance, I am a style consultant. I am a style influencer; I also manage several brands, which people don’t know about. I want to build an empire and create job opportunities for many people. It is always good to have multiple sources of income.”

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Mocheddah also expresses her love for fashion and style, saying, “I always like fashion and style, all my life. I’m very careful when it comes to fashion. I like to choose good colours that complement my fashion accessories. Being fashionable is not just about expensive clothes. One must be knowledgeable about colour combination, which is very important.”
According to her, fashion is whatever is trending at a particular point in time.
She notes, “You must be conscious of what is trending in the fashion world, you must be up to date with good sense of humour; you must be easy going and able to socialise. All put together makes the great you.
“For instance, wearing the same colour from head to toe will appear archaic and embarrassing. For me, I always want to do more to improve on myself. Fashion is evolving. I like make-up and it helps to enhance the facial structure.
Fashion is life.”