Do you know that you can wear your pyjamas out of bed and still appear trendy? There is a chance you have ignored this trend since it broke the jinx in 2012. This generally accepted night wear is now meant for both bedtime and flu-time.

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The key to rocking the pyjamas, especially for ladies, is to wear it with a proper heel and enough fashion kudos to make people realise you do know you haven’t just rolled out of bed. Other tips:

  • Pair your pyjama pieces with exactly the kind of things you wouldn’t wear to bed.
  • Break up the look by pairing one fluid piece with something more structured, especially for the day. A silky pyjama-style shirt is sharp with a pencil skirt or slim trousers.
  • One element of your outfit should be refined, whether it’s a high heel, a bold
    necklace, or a perfectly done nude lip.
  • Subdued pants make it safer for work. You can pair them with a blouse and blazer.