What Nigerians expect from Buhari in 2016

Muhammadu Buhari
  •  He was too slow in 6 months

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in the last six months was slow in progress. We can only hope that things will speed up in 2016, as my expectation from the government in the new year is basically an overall growth in the economy. There’s a lot of work to be done on infrastructure, health and education. I think these should be our priority.

Uba Group

-Jamachi Chris-Asoluka, Consultant, Philips Consulting, Lagos

  •  His govt is confused

As far as I am concerned, the Federal Government is confused and that is because it is tilting towards mistakes made by its immediate predecessor. I can see traces of policy summersaults in some of the actions of the government too. For instance, the Central Bank of Nigeria recently reversed its cashless policy when it suspended the use of automated teller machine cards abroad and that is funny. That policy is counter-productive and has no human face. I don’t carry cash when I travel to buy my wares because I use my ATM card abroad and nobody has bothered to tell me what my fate is when I am travelling in February. Also, I have friends and relatives in South Africa and other African nations that bank with First Bank and the United Bank of Africa. They are presently confused because it means their funds are trapped in the banks.

– Mrs Jumoke Odusole, Managing partner, BYJ Logistics, Lagos

  •  First 6 months, a waste

The first six months of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is a waste because they are months of ‘no direction’. So far, the new government has focused on corruption alone since May 29, 2015, when it was sworn in. But it has forgotten that that alone can neither save Nigeria nor put food on the table of the ordinary Nigerian. In the New Year, I expect the government to implement the budget religiously without sentiments. It should ensure it implements the new employment for the 500,000 graduates; give the promised N5,000 stipend to the unemployed and diversify the economy. If all these are done without politicking, I would personally mobilise people to vote the All Progressives Congress into power in 2019.

– Caleb Oluwande, Managing Director, AOL Services, Lagos.

  •  Leave past govt, focus on the future

So many things need to be done in the country. For one, the government should try to revamp the country and change the position the country is in presently. Food production is another thing the government should also look into, as we need to be producers and not consumers. Everybody knows what the problem of the country is like: unemployment, bad roads, lowering standards of education and the high cost of schooling as well as the continuous devaluation of the naira. A programme should be put in place to remove the problems. We are in a democracy. It is also easy to criticise the incumbent leader when one is in the opposition but when one gets to the seat of power, things would become glaring and it would now be the time to make excuses as to why things can’t be done. The government should fulfil the electoral promises they made to the citizens instead of blaming everything happening on the last administration. Let us ask ourselves if that is what they are going to do for the next four years. They should leave the past administration’s incompetencies; people voted them out because of this.

– Chief Ayo Adebanjo, elder statesman and Afenifere chieftain

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