Wife accuses popular cleric-hubby of defrauding clients with fake scans, removing her womb

  • She is blackmailing me after DNA revealed our son isn’t mine – cleric

A woman, Ganiyat Kehinde Arikewusola has accused her husband, a popular Muslim cleric in Saki town, the headquarters of Saki West Local Government Area of Oyo State, Alfa Arikewusola of multiple dubious acts against unsuspecting members of the public who approach him for solutions to their problems.

Ganiyat also alleged that Arikewusola, an Islamic preacher, married her through dubious means after she consulted him for solutions to the spiritual problems she was encountering a few years ago.

The middle-aged woman, who is an indigene of Igboho town in Oyo State, claimed that the cleric had been visiting her house for spiritual cleansing and that Arikewusola used to carry out “spiritual bath” for her under the guise of curing her spiritual ailment.

She explained on a radio programme monitored by The Point that the cleric made her his wife after impregnating her during one of the occasions of bathing her.

About four years after her relationship with the clergyman, Ganiyat accused her husband of maltreatment and abuse, saying the man connived with a medical doctor, Isa Aweni, to remove her womb through Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) surgery without her consent.

The Point gathered that BTL is a surgical procedure that creates permanent contraception, or sterilization. It is commonly referred to as having a woman’s “tubes tied.” The surgery blocks one’s fallopian tubes, preventing sperm from meeting eggs, effectively preventing pregnancy.

Ganiyat also accused her husband of defrauding those who run to him for spiritual assistance by carrying out fake medical scans and obtaining huge amounts of money from them.

“Alfa Arikewusola removed my womb without my approval. He is only pretending to be an Alfa, he does a lot of fetish things and he dupes his clients by demanding money from them. I became his wife after he impregnated me. I came to him for solutions to my spiritual problem because I used to be tormented by some evil spirits and the Alfa came to my house to bathe me.

“It was after he slept with me and impregnated me that he took me in as his second wife. It is not true I cheated on him and the two children I have for him are his. He didn’t inform me before doing any DNA. The second child I have has intellectual deformity and ever since, he has claimed he doesn’t belong to him,” Ganiyat alleged.

Reacting, Arikewusola said the BTL was done after his wife (Ganiyat) signed on the form which was allegedly given to her by Dr. Aweni, the founder of a private hospital in Saki.

Arikewusola denied defrauding people, adding that he has never done any scan for anyone and that he only prays for his solution seekers.

He explained that he had to do the DNA as part of requirements for him to sponsor his son who is suffering disability abroad for treatment and that to his surprise, the child is not his.

“I can tell you frankly that all that she has said is not true. The womb removal was done by the doctor after she signed the document. She was the one who told the doctor to do it because it may affect her well-being. She has two children and she was delivered for the both through caesarian section.

“People know me and I have never done any scan for anyone or defrauded them. She is telling lies against me because the DNA revealed that the son we are treating is not mine,” Arikewusola stated.