Women and living ‘dead’ hubbies


“Remember I offered you two bottles for coming tops in this Ludo game. But rest assured that I will collect them back by the time I give you two strokes to level up the score-line. I want to beat you silly in the presence of your dearly beloved Lady Ronaldo.”

Uba Group

“Kay, stop taunting me with the presence of my Cinderella. Who asked your own Ronaldo to disappoint you? Soon, we will be in Cloud 9 and you will be here drinking yourself to stupor.”

“Charles, what you have just said reminds me of what happened in my neighbourhood two weeks ago. An old drunk, who is being mocked with the sobriquet of ‘Prophet’ simply because he squats in a church yard, caused the stir.”

“Yan me sharp, sharp; I’m interested in the story…but in the meantime, let Jessica, the truculently built but mannerly chummy bar-lady, serve us a bottle each.”

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