You are displaying gasps of a drowning man, Imo State Government tells PDP


Imo State Government has debunked the allegation that it is currently buying voters with cash transfer ahead of this year’s general elections.

Uba Group

It averred that the State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party which made the allegation is only displaying the gasps of a drowning man desperate to drag everyone to his doom, adding that the party is fragmented beyond redemption and therefore not ready to contest the election.

“In the real sense of it, PDP in Imo State actually wants to derail the election because it is consumed by internal crisis which has made it impossible for it to win the election,” Imo State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba said in a statement.

He noted that not too long ago, the same PDP lamented that it can no longer campaign because of insecurity, and now it is talking of vote buying.

“It is now obvious that the PDP is not ready for the election, hence it is crying wolf. Currently they don’t even have candidates in some constituencies, including that of Emeka Ihedioha because of factionalization. Instead of addressing their self-inflicted problem, they are busy accusing the state government of all manner of plots.”

Emelumba said the national secretary of the party, Samuel Anyanwu was absent few days ago when the PDP went on a campaign in his home local government of Ikeduru.

“What does that tell you? The party is in disarray and seeing that they cannot defeat the APC, they have resorted to blackmail and whipping up sentiments against the state government. But that is to be expected of a drowning man, gasping for breath and desperate to drag everyone around him to the sea,” Emelumba submitted.

He noted that the PDP was delusional by saying that the APC is unfit to face the electorate when in actual fact, the APC had roundly defeated the PDP and won all bye elections conducted in the state since it assumed office in 2020.

He said it was actually the PDP that is unfit for the election and should therefore surrender to the APC since it cannot even put its house in order.

“At any rate, the PDP cannot speak on behalf of Imo electorate which had severally rejected them. Unlike the PDP, the APC has its achievements as a validation of its acceptance in the state.

The commissioner regretted that the PDP has made itself a laughing stock before well-meaning people of the state and the security agencies because of its frequent, childish and unsubstantiated allegations against the state government.

Said he, “I thought by now Imo PDP would have proved even one of its serial allegations. Instead they have continued to make a greater fool of themselves by coming up with even more babyish, senseless and totally ludicrous allegations.”

Emelumba said he was not in doubt that APC will roundly defeat the PDP in the upcoming elections and advised the fragmented party to withdraw from the race and prepare for its inevitable disintegration.