You can only catch me in casual wears, says female disc jockey, DJ Lambo


DJ Lambo, whose real name is Olawunmi Okerayi, is one of the few female disc jockeys in Nigeria. Signed on to Loopy Music, she is also the personal DJ to Africa’s number one rapper, MI.

For the Literature-in-English graduate from the University of Abuja, fashion is being comfortable at all times, regardless of the occasion or mood. Her favourite wears are jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

“Fashion, for me, is all about me being comfortable; that is why I find it very easy to slide into my tees and sneakers,” she says.

Regarding make-up, DJ Lambo says, ”I don’t wear makeup,” adding she’s comfortable leaving her face bare all the time. But she visits the gym three or four times as part of her fitness routine, depending on her mood.


Fashion, for me, is all about me being comfortable; that is why I find it very easy to slide into my tees and sneakers… I don’t wear makeup


Recounting her foray into the disc jockeying profession, DJ Lambo says, “I grew up with my four brothers. My father, DJ Tony Lewis, influenced my career as a disc jockey. I started my professional career between 2008 and 2009 as an On-Air Personality (OAP) on Raypower 100.5 FM, and I later moved on to Rhythm FM 94.7FM, Abuja, and Love 104.5 FM, Abuja, before starting out my career fully as a DJ.”

Inspite of her father’s influence on her career, she says she virtually taught herself disc jockeying and officially started out in 2009. Within a short time, she had performed at highbrow outfits and clubs such as California Lounge, Aramis and Oxygen Club in Abuja, and at other events and shows in Lagos. As her success festered and she progressed as a DJ, she met MI, who appreciated and valued her sound so much so that he employed her as his personal DJ.

Her sound is a blend of house, techno, Afro pop and hip hop delivered with immaculate skills.

DJ Lambo has won various awards. She was nominated for the Best Female DJ in Africa in the African Global DJ Awards, ELOY Awards (2014) and won the TAWA Awards for the Most Outstanding DJ (2014).