Adeleke to Ijesa people: Ilesa varsity, water project have come to stay


  • Governor inspects University of Ilesa, receives recommendations
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Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke has informed Ijesa people that University of Ilesa and Ilesa Water Project have come to stay.

He reiterated his administration’s commitment to ensure proper upgrade of the erstwhile College of Education to a modern first class University as promised during his electioneering campaign of 2018.

Governor Adeleke noted that what the former administration of Gboyega Oyetola did by rushing the upgrade of the then College of Education at the twilight of his administration could best be described as a political project aimed at deceiving the people of Ijesa land after allegedly ignoring the project for three years.

Addressing workers and students of the institution during an assessment tour of the University and to also relate with Ijesa people on his wider plans for the region and the people, Adeleke declared that, “I am here to access the actual state of the University of Ilesa and rub minds with our people on moving Ijesha forward.

“The committee that I set up to review the process of the upgrade had submitted its report and my visit is the last stage of action before I will issue a white paper on the next line of action. This University has come to stay.”

Governor Adeleke also took the opportunity to inform the people of Ijesa land about the Ilesa Water Project and the effect of illegal mining activities in the region under the previous administration in relation to water pollution, environmental degradation, income leakage among other negative effects.

“The past APC government mismanaged the Ilesa water project with more than N12 billion spent so far without any result. I have met with the Minister of Water Resources who confirmed to me that the project failed due to fraudulent activities of the contractor. It is also public knowledge that the Consultant for the water project alleged a demand of five million dollars from the state house committee on water resources.

“We have since set up a Joint Committee with the Ministry of Water Resources. The contract will be re-advertised after an out of court settlement with all the stakeholders involved in the project,” the governor stated.

The governor further informed the Ijesa people on how the past APC government encouraged illegal mining activities in and around Ijesa land, thereby causing serious environmental degradation and pollution of water in the state while also denying the state the much needed income from mining activities.

“The APC government encouraged illegal mining in the state. This has caused serious pollution of our water.The Water Minister confirmed to me that Ilesa underground water source is polluted.

“The state also lost several billions of Naira that should have been earned as IGR if the mining activities were done properly”, Governor Adeleke declared.

“The committee I set up to review the activities of the illegal miners submitted their report yesterday. I am going through it and will soon issue the strategies that my administration will be using to address the water and environmental pollution caused by mining activities.

“I am confident that this will effectively clear the mess caused by the APC administration in Ijesa land,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the committee set up by Adeleke to review matters arising from the University of Ilesa briefed staff and students of the institution during the governor’s inspection.

The Chairman of the Review Committee, Prof. Taiwo Ashaolu, said, “the process of appointment must follow the extant law, the university should commence with eight faculties, namely; Education and vocational technology, Management Sciences, Social sciences, Science, Technology and Innovations, Humanities and Cultures, Agriculture and Agric Business and Basic Medical Sciences.

“Among the recommendations, all the existing staff both academic and and non-teaching of Osun State College of Education Ilesa are to be transited to the university. Recruitment process shall be by advertisement in national newspapers and other medium.


“An Institute of Education should be established under the Faculty of Education in the university to oversee the completion of the programme of the current students. For smooth running of the university, multiple sources of income is hereby recommended. The tuition fee for the school should be affordable,” he concluded as the audience erupted in jubilation.