For Falz and Simi, it is beyond music


Whenever attempts are made to ask Folarin Falana, aka Falz, and Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, aka Simi, about the relationship they share, the duo already have a ready-made answer. Even before the question is asked, it is just music, they say.
But it is hard to imagine that the two talented singers do not have emotional ties. In my dictionary, when a boy and a girl becomes too close the way they are, there is a strong tendency for one person or even both of them to fall in love.
Falz, if you are not ready to take the next big step with Simi, or admit that you love her, it is better you take a walk now. Many men would do everything to have her and you are a stumbling block.
If this is just one of the scripts we see in movies, they have gone really far, especially with the couple’s pictures released some days to Falz’s birthday. There was even one that looked like a naked image.capture
Until a joint EP titled ‘Chemistry’ was released, many people actually thought they had a pre-wedding photo-shoot, thinking that wedding plans had been concluded, and the conjugal would take place in a matter of days. But it turned out to be a work of arts.
Simi has never said she is single. Though, while admitting recently that she is in a relationship, she did not disclose the identity of the person. This means it could be Falz.
She said, “Now, I am in a relationship with someone and I hope I end up settling down with him. I do not think relationships should just be for leisure. I cannot really speak for anybody, but for me. If I am giving you an access to that part of my life, then it has to be worth my while and worth his as well. But I can’t force it. If h e is the one, fine and if not, fine.”
But if it turns out that there is nothing beyond music between Simi and Flaz, the last few days must have been very tough for Simi’s mysterious lover.
Picturing myself in his position, I wondered how he must have been holding on. Obviously, no way would I smile whenever I see Falz. We all know men are jealous in nature.
And for the X3M Music act, she is not being fair to her boyfriend, if indeed he’s not Falz. All in the name of love and supporting her craft, he only pretends as if all is well. But don’t be deceived, all can’t be well, especially after the newly-released pictures, songs and performance at Hard Rock Café in Lagos. I was told they actually kissed last week during a performance at Hard Rock Café.
And since the release of their EP, they have been going about to perform at events together. They even gave special performance at the Quilox Ultra Pool Party on Sunday.
This is obviously too much for any man to stomach, unless something is wrong somewhere, or he is not an African.
Though there were other songs like ‘Want To’; ‘Foreign’; ‘Show You Pepper’; ‘Cinderella;’ ‘Shake Body’ and ‘Enough’, the song ‘Chemistry,’ which is also the title of the EP, may have explained everything going on.
From their rumoured relationship to the fact that everyone thinks they would be a perfect couple and why they should give it a trial, the song says it.
In ‘Chemistry,’ Simi sang, “Everybody seems too think that we would be good together oh. Everybody don dey talk say make you be my lover oh. But they don’t need to know if am your spec. Oh, I don’t need to know if I take your breath away. You don’t need to know my wildest dreams. Maybe it is all just chemistry.”
She added again, “But I know oh ah. Kind of maybe really do like you. Maybe me and you, we can try to do this love something. Maybe there’s something eh. I know there’s something. And I know you. Kind of may be really do like me. Maybe I could be your baby. We should stop fronting. Maybe there’s something. I know there’s something.”
If they are really in love, as it seems to me and many others, they may need to stop playing hide-and-seek with the public, because almost everyone has concluded that they are in a hot relationship.