Nigerian hospitals killed my first child, says Seyi Law


Nigerian comedian, Oluwaseyitan Aletile, aka Seyi Law, is still celebrating the birth of his first child, even after losing the baby last year.
He told The Point that it was a thing of joy to finally be a father and he was grateful for that.
He stated, “Even through the pregnancy and the challenges afterwards, I saw God’s miracles. The truth is that, if my wife had not travelled out of this country, we might have lost this baby too, because we had terrible medical challenges too. But, I thank God we had the opportunity to seek better medical treatments abroad.”
When he had his first baby and she was ill, he had several scans done in Nigerian hospitals. But none of the hospitals could discover what happened to the baby until he took the abroad, and by then, it was too late.
He added, “I almost sued one of the places we did the scans. I can say the places we did the scans were partly responsible for the death of my first child, because if what happened to the baby was detected earlier, her death could have been averted.”
Recently, the comedian shared a joke that he now has a pistol to gun down any young boy, who would pass through his house and look at it more than once.
But, he admitted that he would not want to be a protective father, because he lived under authority for a greater part of his life and he knew the implications.
“Whenever I remember the ill treatments I received from the people who were trying to protect me and the damages done to me, before I decided to be a better person for myself, I would not want to do the same thing to anyone,” he maintained.
When it comes to dating, inasmuch as he wants his daughter to start having relationships after secondary school, he acknowledges that things have changed. “When it comes to friendship with boys, you cannot control that. It starts from secondary school, but the most important thing is that what you tell your children goes a long way in helping to shape their decisions.”
Not hiding his wish to have a boy child as his first, he confessed that they had always been blessed with a girl child in their family.
“Though my wife and I reasoned it would be nice to break the tradition in the family, when the baby came and she was a girl, I just said to myself that this family blood is very strong,” he noted.