Global fraud: Interpol arrest 62 Nigerians, Cameroonians


Sixty-two individuals suspected of being members of a criminal organisation, mainly from Nigeria and Cameroon, responsible for huge frauds committed against small and medium-scale enterprises across the world, have been arrested. Seven hundred and fifty police officers from the Italian, Spanish, Polish, English, Belgian with the support of Europol and Interpol, and with the coordination of Eurojust, reportedly effected their arrests.

Uba Group

The group, The Point learnt, was devoted to laundering activities involving large amounts of money obtained by means of state-of-the-art phishing techniques. It was gathered that the fraudsters used a particular device called, in hacking jargon, “man-in-the-middle”, which involved illegally accessing email boxes of Italian and foreign companies through various hacking and social engineering techniques.

It was revealed that the final result led to the arrest of 62 individuals. Besides, 82 houses were searched and 40,000 euros, 30 smart phones, 10 tablets and 15 personal computers seized.

Inside sources disclosed to The Point that four months later, working on information gathered by the Postal and Communications Police in Italy, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was able to track down three fugitives in their homes located in various places within Lagos.