Sex-enhancement devices: Their little pleasures and great health hazards


Unlike what obtained in time past, it is common place today to find many people, male and female, young and old, resorting to the use of various types of sex exhancement devices, otherwise called sex toys, to derive sexual satisfaction.
The ‘immoral, luxury possessions’ that were once used in secret, are now carried with pride and panache. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, cock-rings, spanish fly, lubricants, fetish clothing and even drugs feature on the list.
But much as lovers of these devices will go to any extent to procure and enjoy them, urologists and other health experts have warned of the grave dangers the regular use of the toys could cause the users. The experts listed brain damage and hypertension as some of the side-effects.
A senior registrar in Urology at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex, Dr. Rotimi David explained why people use the device.
He said that people engage in the act for gratification, pleasure and satisfaction of their urge.
He, however expressed regret that those who use the devices mostly were likely to have some medical issues such as erectile dysfunction (impotence), which is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. So, they use the devices to augment their sexual ability. The women who use them were said to have difficulty reaching orgasm, therefore, they use the devices to stimulate themselves and also, aid their sexual drive.
David, speaking about the health implications, said, “Some of them could end up having genital tract injury, trauma and infections that affect the reproductive tracts. On the other hand, some can result to addiction because of the regular use of it, which makes the user feel dissatisfied until the device is used.”
Similarly, a Urologist at Ogah Hospital and Urology Centre in Edo State, Dr. Gabriel Ogah said that the devices might lead to strong addiction, which makes the user become impotent as a result of the artificial means because the person has conditioned his sexual urge and satisfaction to it.
In the same vein, a general practitioner, Dr. Boye Bamidele also explained that, “the use of the sex-enhancement devices can lead to some infections through bacteria unknown to the user because they are inserted into vagina.Untitled He said, “It could also affect the reproductive system. It can cause bruises on the lineage of the vagina wall, which can lead to bleeding. At the same time, they become addicted to the devices. This makes them unable to do without them.”
He also stressed that the overuse of a vibrator can also trigger a chronic elevation of prolactin (a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain), leading to pituitary-ovarian disorders as well as sexual exhaustion symptoms.
According to Bamidele, as a result of this artificial act, in pituitary-ovarian disorders, the arteries become inflamed, constricting blood flow to the brain, resulting in hypertension, headaches, migraine, blurred version, gum inflammation, sleeping disorder, ear ringing, brain disorders; and inflammation to the liver, kidney, uterus, cervix, bladder and urethra.
But a senior lecturer in the Department of Counsellor Education, University of Ilorin and Acting Director of Counselling and Career Services Centre, Kwara State University, Dr. Ogechi Esere, recommended the use of the devices as long as they have health benefits and make the sexual relationship become stronger and healthier.
She said, “I am in support of it, if it is void of adverse effect and addiction to the extent that partners become dissatisfied in the natural sexual intimacy. If it won’t have any negative effect, I’m in support.”
A sexologist and sex therapist, Mrs. Omowunmi Omololu, highlighted the health benefits of the sexual devices. “It helps women to reach orgasm faster and easier without pains. It also helps relieve stress, helps with better sleep, and reduces tension, pains and stress.”
On the other hand, a counselor, pastor and psychologist, Reverend Dr. John Ojeniran, argued that the use of sex toys was likened to masturbation, which is against biblical standards of a true Christian.
He argued that, “It is not accepted in r Christian eligion. I don’t understand the kind of health benefits one can derive from the use of such sex devices. It is an abomination from the Christian point of view. Also, your spiritual life will begin to get weakened if you indulged in it.”
Psychologically, he said that “the major effect is addiction. By the time the individual wants to perform the actual sex, the performance reduces, especially when such person sees a toy that is larger than the size of his manhood. It could lead to hypersexuality, which is excessive sexual desire by a female. This also leads to lesbianism and homosexuality. The negative aspect is more than the health benefits in it,” he added.
The Sub-dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos and former general secretary of Nasrullahi- li Fathi Society of Nigeria, Dr. Lukman Adedeji corroborated Ojeniran, saying that, such use of any form of sexual enhancement device is not allowed in Islam.