The gift of child, not a mistake – Ada Ameh


Though Nollywood actor, Ada Ameh, is a single mother, she is a proud one and does not regret having her daughter.
Ameh gave birth to her daughter, who is now a grown-up woman, when she was in class four. Ameh junior desires to become a broadcaster and she is now studying for it.
In a chat with The Point, the star actor said it was no longer new that she had a child at a young age.
According to her, many things went wrong while growing up. Zeb Ejiro discovered her from the street of Ajegunle, Lagos and her story changed. But her experience as a child has informed her decision to be closer to young girls battling with early pregnancy and prostitution.
“There are many young girls who became pregnant and couldn’t return to school. I feel that the girl child should be given a voice and be heard. And for your voice to be heard, you have to be bold and confident. You have made your mistakes in the past, but the gift of a child is not a mistake.
“It wasn’t easy when I had my daughter, but I thank God I had supportive people around me. I am a feminist and I am not ashamed to say that. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect men, I just believe we should all be treated equally,” Ameh said.
Despite all she went through during her pregnancy and raising her daughter, Ameh insists that she is not angry with men.
“I love men. I am still single, but the husband is coming. The kind of man I will marry must be my friend, brother and father. He must love God too because I love God.”
Speaking about what she wanted for her daughter, she explained that she would allow her daughter to live her life.
“My girl has her life to live, but I want to see a beautiful woman and I try to give her all the support in my own little way. I am a single mother, a proud one and I am proud of her. I love her and she knows. I would love to see her become a loving wife to her husband, a lovely mother to her children and a blessing to her generation.
“When I see her, I find it hard to believe that I gave birth to such a beautiful woman. It is beautiful to see something coming out of you and sharing things with you. When I am angry or happy, she is the first to know,” Ameh said.